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Looking for Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teens? Here’s What You Need to Know

therapeutic boarding school for teens

The life of a teenager is complicated. They are experiencing hormonal changes, learning social skills, and transitioning into adulthood. Parents question their teen’s behavior, unsure if they are experiencing normal teenage problems or more significant issues. If your teen is struggling with extreme behavioral problems, drug and alcohol addiction, or mental illness, you have options to help them navigate this difficult time. Therapeutic boarding schools for teens are a helpful option available to parents struggling with their teen.

Academically Accredited

When parents consider sending their teen to a therapeutic boarding school, they are concerned about their child’s academic career. Typically, therapeutic boarding schools for teens recommend a year long residential program for their patients. Teens who attend therapeutic boarding schools usually have a history of academic struggles including learning differences or defiance. These behaviors mask other issues in a teen’s life, but therapeutic boarding schools give a comfortable, supportive academic setting for teens to learn and heal. Each student is individually assessed for their strengths and weaknesses. An academic program is then built around their needs and includes more practical skills such as stress management and 21st century education. A structured, individualized environment is ideal for teens who struggle with a traditional schooling system.

therapeutic boarding schools for teens
Family Support

Teens rebel against their parents and the rules of the household. This is normal teenage behavior. However, when a teen acts out or is violent toward their parent, it is time to find an intervention program to rebuild the bridge of communication. Parents believe that when their child struggles, it destroys the family dynamic and creates irreparable relationships. Therapeutic boarding schools for teens take the opportunity to include the entire family in their therapy sessions. They teach both parents and teens ways to communicate that does not involve violence. By removing a teen from a toxic home environment and placing them in neutral territory, they can appropriately communicate their feelings without being judged.

Therapy for All

Therapeutic boarding schools for teens excel in therapy options for all teens. No matter what a teen’s diagnosis is, a therapeutic boarding school will take the time to address your teen’s needs. They employ highly trained clinical staff and build individualized programs for teens and address issues head-on. Many therapeutic boarding schools use unique approaches to therapy as well. Teens experience real-life therapeutic options that may include wilderness therapy, talk therapy, group therapy, and equine therapy. Through real-life connections, teens can be more aware of others needs, set boundaries for themselves, and learn how to control their emotions in difficult situations.

Building a Unique Culture

Therapeutic boarding schools have a unique chance to build a specific culture within the confines of the campus. Teens learn how to interact with adults and peers in a safe, structured environment. Most groups are close-knit due to the therapeutic environment. They must learn to support each other in both the good and difficult times. Students depend on each other for healing by developing confidence, reliance, and self-worth.

Therapeutic boarding schools for teens are an incredible option for struggling families to regain peace. Families can rebuild broken relationships and teens can become confident, productive members of society. Healing takes place in residential treatment and it may be the best option for your ailing teen. These programs have made a huge difference in the life of families that choose it as a therapeutic option for their teen.

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