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Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools are the Best Option for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools are an option for troubled teens that have difficulty in traditional schools. Therapeutic boarding schools are alternative schools that specialize in both education and therapy. Part academic institution, part residential treatment program, therapeutic boarding schools are a unique solution to helping troubled teens. They offer structure, stability and supervision to assist students in coping with emotional or behavioral struggles. These schools provide psychological counseling in addition to academics.

Unique Program for Unique Individuals

The term “troubled teen” can describe a wide group of individuals. As such, therapeutic boarding schools may specialize in serving different diagnoses. Therapeutic boarding schools combine academics and therapy to help troubled teens become healthier. Teens who are struggling socially and academically may benefit from the secure, stable environment that this schools provide.

Teens who have behavior or emotional issues may have failed at traditional therapy or even traditional schooling. Their psychological issues impact behavior, academics, and social life negatively. Teens who have drug or alcohol addictions also benefit from being removed from their toxic environment. Teens who experience cognitive delays in their behavior benefit from the structured environment as well.

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Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Studies show that therapeutic boarding schools have short and long-term benefits on troubled teens. Therapeutic boarding schools offer more frequent opportunities for therapy, monitoring dangerous behaviors, and individualized education. The goal of these schools is to rehabilitate teens and make them healthy mentally and emotionally. There are so many benefits to therapeutic boarding schools for these students.

1. Removal from a toxic environment

Troubled teens are influenced by their peers. They are taught negative behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use. Troubled teens are also affected by a toxic home environment as well. When they are removed, they can see their path clearly and work toward healing.

2. Combine academics and therapy

Most long-term therapeutic treatment centers do not offer academic programs for teens who attend. As a result, these teens fall behind in their academics and must do everything they can to catch up. Therapeutic boarding schools allow integration of services including academics, therapy, and support. They are also involved with students on a very deep level to help them restore their mental, and emotional health.

3. Structure and stability

Teens need structure and stability as much as toddlers and babies do. When a teen faces development, emotional, or social challenges, predictable schedules and enforced expectations. Students experience a set, rigorous schedule of school, therapy, and structured play time where they learn how to cope with their problems. Therapeutic boarding schools are long-term solutions for troubled teens who need consistent structure and stability. Constant structure that is predictable and fair motivate teens to pursue a healthier life.

4. Family healing

Parents feel that separating their teens from the family can make those problems worse. However, for certain cases, the opposite is true. Removing the trouble teen from a home allows both the parent and the teen to decompress, reflect, and learn. Not only do these school work with teens, but they also work with parents. Parents need tips and coping mechanisms to help their teen succeed when they return home after therapy.

Studies have reported that troubled teens who attended long term therapeutic boarding schools experienced a steady decline in negative symptoms a year after leaving treatment. Teens also stay with their age group in academics and will excel when returning to the traditional school setting. Therapeutic boarding school focus on therapy and academics and provide structure and support. When a trouble teen is willing to change, these school can be the best option for families.

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