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What is Transitional Living

Transitional Living Programs are designed to offer ongoing support post-treatment and a smoother shift back to “the real world.” They aim to be a middle ground for individuals coming out of treatment that aren’t yet ready to completely submerge themselves back into daily life.

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Who are Transitional Living Programs For?

Transitional living programs are for older teens and young adults, usually who have completed a treatment program, who need extra support. Transitional living programs are a great option for young adults who are either scared of moving back home or who want to practice more independence. Young adults are encouraged to get a job or be in school while they receive ongoing support through individual therapy and peers going through similar things.

Benefits of Step down
  • Continued therapy
  • Social support
  • Integrated into the community
  • Help with job skills and schoolwork
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Learning practical life skills like budgeting, cooking, and cleaning


% of individuals helped with needs, such as financial stability and a job

% of individuals that don't have support network straight outside of treatment

% of respondents which struggle with relationships right after treatment

% of individuals which have trouble with toxic friends back home after treatment

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