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Wilderness Therapy for Teens: An Option for Your Struggling Teen This Summer

Since summer vacation is right around the corner, perhaps now’s an excellent opportunity to talk about wilderness therapy for teens.

If your teen is struggling with emotional or behavioral problems, a few weeks out in nature can make a huge difference. Surrounded by other teens and under the guidance of professionals, your child will embark on a journey of self-exploration and self-growth.

But what sets wilderness therapy apart from other approaches is that children can enjoy a mix of fun and learning activities. That makes the entire experience rewarding and memorable.

So, what makes wilderness therapy unique and why is it a good option for your troubled teen?  

What is wilderness therapy?

In a nutshell, wilderness therapy is a relatively new approach to health and well-being. Unlike other forms of therapy, this approach relies on outdoor group activities designed to encourage team effort and collaboration.

But aside from group activities, children also benefit from one-on-one chats with licensed professionals who can help them unveil a better version of themselves.

In a way, we could argue that wilderness therapy is a mix of individual counseling and personal development. And the best part is that children get a chance to put aside any differences and learn to help each other grow.

Wilderness Therapy for Teens
Wilderness therapy for teens: More than just a fun vacation

Although many parents and children are excited about the fun activities that take place in wilderness therapy, the foundations of this approach are healing and personal growth.

In other words, almost every activity that takes place during those weeks in the wilderness is designed to help your teen overcome personal obstacles and achieve personal growth. And sometimes, that means taking responsibility for their problems and asking for help.

It takes courage to share the least pleasant aspects of yourself and wear your vulnerabilities as an armor. But with the help of skilled counselors and therapists, your child can rediscover his/her inner strength and make a change for the better.

In the end, the purpose of any therapeutic approach is to cultivate inner growth and equip individuals with the skills they need to become healthy and functional members of society.  

Here’s what wilderness therapy is all about:
1. Physical activity

Many of the activities that take place in wilderness therapy involve physical activity. From nature walks to team sports, teens learn the value of spending time outdoors and having an active lifestyle.

2. Individual therapy

Since wilderness therapy is about healing and growth, children benefit from one-on-one chats with licensed therapists. That way, each of them has the chance to vent their emotions and ‘open up’ about the problems they’ve been struggling with.

3. Group activities  

One of the primary purposes of wilderness therapy is to help children sharpen their social skills. Knowing how to mitigate conflicts, build trust, prioritize team goals, and navigate social interactions are crucial skills that will help your child achieve a successful life.  

All and all, wilderness therapy for teens is an excellent option for parents who wish to invest in their children’s health and well-being.

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