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63 E 11400 S #186, Sandy, Utah, USA 84070-6705

Let’s face it, “therapy” in its traditional form carries a stigma, especially among adolescents and young adults. In addition, traditional talk therapy alone does not often provide the desired outcomes for this population. That is why Aspiro was created; to provide a more effective therapeutic solution for adolescents and young adults. It is also important to understand that the outdoor environment allows for a more authentic opportunity for students to become vulnerable and create intrinsic behavioral changes.
The therapeutic foundation of Aspiro is built on a solution-focused and family systems model. Our clinical team develops treatment plans utilizing individualized therapeutic strategies associated with cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, EMDR, social thinking, collaborative problem solving, and positive psychology. The goal is to provide an accurate functional assessment and develop targeted skills in the areas of social, emotional, behavioral and executive levels of functioning.

“Therapy” at Aspiro is comprehensive, integrating traditional forms of talk therapy with a more hands-on, experiential approach. The entire program is intentionally designed to be therapeutic and provide meaningful outcomes that will more practically transfer back into home life.

The distraction-free outdoor environment at Aspiro provides a variety of therapeutically healing components that allow therapists to develop and implement individualized treatment plans utilizing, but not limited to the following:​
Individual therapy
Family therapy
Group therapy
In-vivo therapy
Adventure therapy
Psychological Testing
Therapeutic journaling
Medication Management
Healthy diet
Regular sleep patterns
Regular physical activity

The Aspiro Group was created to help teenagers, young adults, and their families through challenges that can occur when various behavioral, psychological, or developmental issues are present. As a result, we operate our program from a clinically sophisticated and research-based model. Everything we do is intentionally designed to assist students and their families in creating lasting changes.

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